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American Fisheries Society - Fish Habitat Section gets a new website

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The Fish Habitat Section is seeking nominations for the offices of President-Elect and Secretary/Treasurer. If you are interested in becoming an officer, please contact Dr. Joe Margraf. (

Fish Habitat Section co-sponsor two symposia at the 2013 Meeting in Little Rock, AR (September 8 - 12, 2013) .

Ecosystem Connections: Watershed Health, Anadromous Species, and Ocean Production
(Organizers: Thomas Bigford , Karin E. Limburg , Eric Palkovacs, PhD and Theodore Castro-Santos )

Reservoir Fisheries Habitat Restoration: New Life For An Aging Resource
(Organizers: Jeff Boxrucker and Shane C. Bush)


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Huck the dog goes on his fifth southwestern sabbatical.

Huck the dog


"...habitat for fish and aquatic organisms...with benefits for people"


Upcoming Meetings

2013 September 8 - 12, Little Rock, AR

2014 August 17 - 21, Quebec City, PQ

2015 August 12 - 21, Portland, OR